Seniors In Isolation

Seniors In Isolation
“Poor mental health is risk factor for chronic physical conditions”

A person might be alive, but not living life. And quality of life comes from the relationships we have with others. As humans, we are wired to need to connect with people. Living alone, in isolation, is no way to live.

The Alzheimer's Project - An HBO Special

Fortunately, I happened to come across this fantastic documentary on Alzheimer’s disease. It was an HBO special, and after visiting the website, I found they had posted many videos on Alzheimer’s.

I’ve posted the link to the website which has many videos of families experiencing Alzheimer’s disease, families who are participating in studies of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as educational videos with information on what Alzheimer's is and how it occurs.

There are two main videos: The Alzheimer’s Project: Part 1 and Part 2. You can find these two videos (approximately 2 hours in length) under “Momentum in Science”. Be sure to check out the other videos listed under the HBO Special.

I hope these videos can help you learn not only more about the disease, but also more about how far the scientists and doctors have come in finding a cure! These videos are fascinating, and very educational.

I hope you can get some good information from them.