Tips and Things to Remember

Dear Readers,

A few things we've learned over the years in helping many families transition from Home to Retirement Home:

Just like you and me, our elderly loved ones form emotional attachments with their homes. For some of them, especially those who have lived in one place for all of their adult years; the thought of leaving that place and moving into a community with other people is definitely uncharted territory.

For the elder generation, a home is something that is created, by the people who live in it, and the families who maintain it.

The idea of finding a home as opposed to creating a home, is an uncomfortable thought to them. Making a place home, has to come with good feelings and positive emotions.

Here are a few tips I've learned through my experience which made the decision to transition, easier;

  • Have your loved ones as involved in the decision making process as possible;
  • Visit Retirement Communities that have a similar look and feel to your loved one's home;
  • Speak to a professional in the industry who can help narrow down your options before you go out and start visiting the communities - this will help to lessen the anxiety and stress of going through all the options, as opposed to just seeing the ones which fit your loved one's profile;
  • Talk to others who have gone through the same experience. There is much to gain from someone who has been down the same path!

We wish you the best of luck and much happiness!!